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Merida & Cinderella

I was tasked to make Merida from Brave and Cinderella. I think for all figurines, catching the facial expression is the hardest thing. I worked on these 2 dolls for 2 nights till the wee hours of the morning.... They are for 2 girls who are part of a set of triplets. Interesting how one prefers a tomboyish sort of princess and the other prefers a princessy kind...

Both princesses are made from 100% gumpaste. From the hair to the body to the bow and arrow.

PicMonkey Collage

From Squire's to Hell kitchen

And so I did. I flew to London to do a Professional Extensive Technique Course at Squire's Kitchen. Met a great sugarpaste flower teacher, Paddi Clark and learnt so much from her.
Me and my tutor, Paddi Clark from Squires Kitchen

And I was crazy enough to reach Singapore on Sunday evening, jetlagged and all.... continued with a 14 day Professional Bakery Course at Creative Culinaire the very next day! It was a crazy 14 days... schedule was tight, we baked all day all night.. some nights I didn't reach home till 10pm. I was actually beginning to question myself what did I get myself into.

But all is worthwhile... I gained so much more knowledge and ideas. I really enjoyed myself despite the punishing hours and the long hours of standing. I even lost weight from the course.. haha...

Here with my sifu- Judy and Chef Liu.

Jungle Theme and Teddy Bear theme for Nathan

PL contacted me to make 2 cakes for her boy's 1st bd. One is a jungle themed 2 tiered cake and the other a teddy bear 2 tiered cake.

These 2 cakes involved alot of molding of figurines and am glad that my niece was in town for her summer vacation to help me out.

DSC_5055This is the teddy bear cake which I opted to do in shades of blue. 4 teddy bears sit at each tier of the cake.
UntitledThis is the 2 tiered jungle cake with 6 molded animals.

Princess Cake

I think there will always be a part of us that wants to be a princess. Of course when I was growing up, I was brainwashed by stories like Cinderella and Snow White about the handsome prince and the happily ever after.

Well, my prince didn't come in a white horse but he did sweep me off my feet and I have been happily married for 16 years. So creating a princess cake is special to all little girls, even to grown ups too if they ever want a princess cake. :)

Here's a princess cake specially created for Grace who turns 9.
And of course... the heels.... it will never be enough.... :)

Incredibles & Cricut Cake Machine

A friend of mine asked me to make her son's birthday cake. She wanted the Incredibles theme but wanted her son's initals-K instead of the I.
It was really blessing that my cricut cake machine arrived in time to do all the incredible cutting of the shapes that I want and needed. Needless to say, it was worth every single cent that I spent to ship the machine in... feeling rather gleeful that I got it at a really good price and it is almost sold out everywhere else...

My cricut machine.. darn... I should have bought a red colour KA to match it.. haha...
An 8 inch vanilla-nutella cake for Karlsson who turns 1.

Wilton 4-Advanced Gum Paste flowers

The last lesson of Wilton 4 is often bittersweet. Afterall, we have spent twice a week together, 3 hours each session, learning and creating new cake decoration techniques. Today was no exception. We talked and laughed and created the beautiful star gazer lilies, sweet pea, stephanoptis....

Congratulations ladies!!!! It was such a wonderful 2 months with you people!!!

Graduands of Wilton 4-Advanced Gumpaste Flowers

Wilton 4-Advanced Gumpaste Flowers