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Flower Pot Class-4th May 2013

Had a wonderful session today with 9 gorgeous ladies for the flower pot class. This time, most of them already have some baking/decorating background, so the class went on pretty smoothly.

Here's their creation after 4 gruelling hours of working....
Flower Pot Class 4th May 2013

Here's just some of their works... not all....
Flower Pot Class 4th May 2013

Wilton Schedule May-August 2013

Here's the latest schedule for Wilton courses at Clementi Studio@Phoon Huat.
Reason for the large gap from June to July? I am going away for a course...
Wilton Schedule-May-August 2013

Wilton-Fondant & Gumpaste Course-May 2013

This group of ladies never fail to surprise me at their final project. Look at the amount of work and love they put into their cakes....

Wilton Fondant and Gumpaste Class
8 different personalities shining through their cakes.
Wilton Fondant & Gumpaste Class

And the paparazzi their cakes receive!!
Wilton Fondant and Gumpaste Class

Castle Cake

I think I have made about 6 castle cakes to date. It is tedious as you have to prepare the cones and the turrets before hand. But the end results is so satisfying when you put everything together.

I hope I have made Natalie's day with this cake.

Batman & Friends

I realised many students like to skip this level of Wilton. Partly because it has so many flowers to deal with.... but it is a fun course as we shift our attention from buttercream to a new medium-royal icing.

These 8 ladies had great fun throughout the 4 lessons, commenting that it is so much easier to clean the bags and tips compared to buttercream. I totally agree! It wasn't easy at first catching the idea of piping a flat petal for the flower using royal icing, which is alot harder than buttercream. But they did so fabulously well in this class... check out their works!
Class collage
Wilton Flowers &Design
Clockwise: Yati,Penny, Mariah, Anjli, Doreen, Hua Noi, Irene and Charan.

Savour 2013

Savour has to be a foodie's paradise. The sheer excitement of being able to watch Michelin starred chefs whip up their stuff and getting to taste it. This year, Savour is being held at F1 Pit Building. The only nearest parking to the event is at the Singapore Flyer which is sorely lacking in space. Lesson learnt: GO early or take the MRT.

I had the priviledged of being asked by Phoon Huat to conduct 3 of the hands on classes at the Experience Corner. I did a demo on creating pirate faces on cupcakes.
Savour 2013
I was surprised to see the set up of the class because it is out in the open!! I thought it will be in a confined area...so quite jittery cos the whole world can see you.

Me no big chef but was quite stoked to see this, though it does appear as if my name is Tang Phoon Huat.IMG_0030
Savour 2013
My hands on class starts at 7pm but at 630pm, there was a long queue of people waiting for the class. I only prepared 24 sets of materials, in the end, I had to turn some people away.
Savour 2013
That's me showing them all that I can in 45 minutes.

Here's the 2 pirate faces that I was teaching them to make.
Today's flower pot class went brilliantly well! 3 of out the 5 students are absolute beginners in cake decoration. To be able to torte, cover cake in ganache and cover it in fondant was very well executed.

Here's their final product.

Using chocolate ganache to cover the cake instead of buttercream.. Must look like soil, yah?
Flower Pot Class
Flower Pot Class

Flower Pot Class for Mother's Day

Reposting this to highlight that this is a one off session class. You will complete the entire pot in a session of 3 hours. The dates on the poster seems a little misleading as it seems to indicate that it will take 4 sessions.
Mother's Day Classes 2013
This is my biggest Wilton Decorating Basics class ever at 9 students! Unfortunately, one of them was not able to join us for the last class.

Nevertheless, we had great fun and much knowledge gained about buttercream, position, direction, consistency.....

Wilton Course- Decorating Basics
From left: Doreen, Penny, Charan, Irene, me, Yati, Hua Noi, Janette and Vivienne.



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